What's stopping you?

Ignoring that tingling in your arm won’t make it go away. In fact, waiting too long for a diagnosis may limit your treatment options.

Consulting a spine specialist well versed in multiple therapies is the key to determining your best course of action. If your pain is spine-related and surgery is required, cervical disc replacement may provide superior results to spinal fusion.1,2

See how Mobi-C® cervical disc replacement helped Brandon get relief following an accident.

Know your options

Mobi-C disc replacement is a less complex procedure than spinal fusion and is designed to preserve your mobility and offer a quicker recovery time.1,2

Count on a solution that lasts

Mobi-C is the market-leading cervical disc with over 10 years of clinical data showing improved long-term outcomes for one and two-level replacements.1,2,3

Maintain flexibility and restore neck movement

Mobi-C cervical discs are designed to facilitate motion similar to the natural cervical spine, so you can maintain your neck movement and mobility following surgery.

10 years of clinical data

200,000 patients

25 countries

Don’t let neck and radiating arm pain affect your quality of life any longer.

  Keep moving with Mobi-C

Common post-operative risks from surgery with the Mobi-C include pain in the neck, arm, back, shoulder, or head, and dysphagia. Full risks and contraindications can be found at cervicaldisc.com.

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