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The Mobi-C® Cervical Disc:

  • Is for adults age 21-67; the vertebrae must be mature.
  • Takes the place of one or two damaged cervical discs next to each other (contiguous or adjacent) from levels C3-C7.
  • Is for patients with arm pain and/or neurological symptoms such as weakness or numbness with or without neck pain. The damaged disc may be irritating the:
    • Spinal cord (myelopathy) or nerve roots (radiculopathy). This can cause a loss of feeling, loss of movement, pain, weakness, or tingling down the arm and possibly into the hands.
  • Disc damage needs to be proven by your doctor's review of your CT, MRI, or X-ray images. Images of the neck should show at least one of the following:
    • Inner disc squeezing through the outer disc (herniated nucleus pulposus).
    • Degeneration of the spine from wear and tear (spondylosis). There may be boney growth (osteophytes) on a vertebra.
    • Loss of disc height compared to the levels above and below.
  • Is for people who have not responded to non-surgical care. Patient should either have:
    • Tried at least six weeks of other medical treatments such as physical therapy and medicine before having surgery; or
    • Have signs or symptoms that their condition is getting worse even with other medical treatments.

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