The Benefits of Surgery with the Mobi-C

Benefits of Surgery

Disclaimer - Your doctor may have said that surgery using the Mobi-C could help reduce your arm pain and/or neurologic symptoms (such as weakness or numbness). This will help answer questions on what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Reading this should not take the place of talking with a doctor. Please go to your doctor with questions about how you are feeling. Talk to a doctor about the best way to help your neck or arm problems. There are good reasons, however, to choose an artificial disc. The Mobi-C may help end or lessen your pain and discomfort.

The surgery with Mobi-C:

  • Will replace your worn out, herniated, or damaged cervical discs.
  • May help keep neck movement:
    • Bending forward-to-back.
    • Bending side-to-side.
    • Turning left-to-right.
  • Matches disc height to the levels above and below. This can help release (or free) trapped nerves.
  • May lessen your neck and/or arm pain.
  • May lessen any arm tingling.
  • May help you return to your normal life of work, family, and fun.

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