Who Should Not Receive a Mobi-C?

If you have any of the following, you should NOT have surgery with the Mobi-C:

  • An active whole body (systemic) infection, such as pneumonia.
  • An infection at the surgery site, such as a skin rash or infected cut.
  • A known allergy to what Mobi-C is made of: cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, titanium, hydroxyapatite, polyethylene, and other trace elements. Talk to your doctor if you have a metal allergy.
  • Damaged cervical vertebrae from an accident (trauma) at one of the surgery levels.
  • An unhealthy shape (deformity) of the cervical vertebrae at one of the surgery levels. Deformity could be caused by an inflammatory disease where the vertebrae swell or grow together and limit movement, such as ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • A cervical spine that shows an unhealthy amount of extra movement (instability). This can be measured by X-rays taken from your side when the spine is still and bending.
  • Low bone mineral density, such as osteoporosis or osteopenia (defined as a DEXA bone mineral density T-score < -1.5). This condition could increase the risk of bone breaking or cause an implant to loosen.
  • Severe disease or degeneration in the joints in the back of the cervical vertebrae (facet joints).