How I hurt my neck was I was watching TV and they were doing some yoga. I got down on the floor and was trying to do some of that stuff and then they broke to a commercial. While I was down there, I thought, “I wonder if I can still stand on my head like we used to do in school?” I get down on my head and start to raise my legs straight up, and as they got so high, the whole weight of my body came down on the back of my neck. I woke up that morning and the pain started. I think that nerve was pinched all the way down.

My arm was just on fire, and there was nothing that made it better, no way could I hold it sitting down, laying down, nothing. It was just constant. Of course, I couldn’t work. I was always afraid of making it worse or making it unfixable to where it couldn’t be repaired. There was nothing that it didn’t affect in my life because it always hurt. It was always there. There was always this burden that, “Is this the way the rest of my life is going to be? Am I always going to have this problem with my arm?”

When the pain started, the first thing I did, of course, was go to my family doctor. They, of course, took an X-ray, but nothing showed up on the X-ray. I took medication for that for probably three weeks. There didn’t seem to be any difference whatsoever. After that, we tried a chiropractor. We tried physical therapy, and that didn’t help. I finally went back and asked for an MRI so that we could find out what was really wrong with it.

Dr. Hoffman had performed a surgery on my brother’s back probably 15 years earlier, so I called, made the appointment, and took my MRI with me. After looking at my MRI, Dr. Hoffman felt that I couldn’t wait long to get it done, and he was ready to do it right away. Probably within two weeks we got it scheduled and it was ready to go. I don’t remember exactly how long the surgery was, but I remember when I woke up in my room, I felt totally different. I can’t even explain it.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the nurse that took care of me that evening, her name was Shirley, and she came in at 1:00. I was still awake, and she said, “I cannot believe that you’re not asleep.” I said, “I feel so good I don’t want to go to sleep yet. I am enjoying having my body back again, having it feel like it should feel.” I knew my body was back to the way it should be. It was a wonderful feeling.

When Dr. Hoffman first came in to see me, I’m just grinning from ear to ear. I said, “I feel wonderful. “ He goes, “Do you think you could go home today?” and I said, “I think I can.” It healed up so quickly, and that fixed that spot. It just totally fixed it. It is amazing, it really is. Anybody that’s having problems, I would definitely recommend the Mobi-C. I don’t feel like I have any restrictions on my movement, on anything I do. I garden, ride my bike, climb ladders. Whatever I did before, I still do now.

I’m now seven years out on my Mobi-C surgery. I just saw Dr. Hoffman in May, they took X-rays again, and he said everything looks wonderful. Everything is in place. The disk is in place. He sees no problems with it, and I have no problems with it. I have no pain, no discomfort, or anything. It’s worked out very well. Mobi-C and Dr. Hoffman put me back together, and my life is wonderful. I’ll tell anybody that because it really is wonderful. I’m Melinda. I had my Mobi-C surgery done on May 25, 2006. This is my Mobi-C.