Initially in college, I played football for the army – United States Military Academy at West Point. My junior year, I got an MRI, because I kept on getting stingers down my right side. My team physician said, “There’s a chance that you might not be able to play your senior year.” That wasn’t an option. I had to play. I told the coach, “I’m find, and I want to play,” so I did play.

I have three kids – ages 13, seven, and five. I live a very active lifestyle. I’ve been doing medical sales for about 13 years – three years with [00:48][phonetic] LER.

I guess three years ago, I was getting that radicular pain on my right side, and my hand stayed numb. Every morning I woke up with the shoulder pain that would last all day. The shoulder pain was tremendous. It was very significant. It got to a point where I couldn’t open their apple juice with my right hand. I couldn’t turn. I was asking my seven-year-old and my 13-year-old to help Daddy open the juice.

The lack of sleep was a big toll. It definitely would dampen the day. In this position as a sales rep, I had many opinions to go to with my surgeons that I worked with. Everybody said, “You need a fusion.” I was going to get a fusion, but then I heard about Mobi-C. I was desperately waiting for Mobi-C to come to market. I knew it was the right product.

The summer, I guess, we got cleared – September 10th, I received my Mobi-C. It changed my life. I woke up and it was immediate relief – immediate. I was outpatient. I went in at 7:30. I was home at 12 o’clock. No hard collar – just wearing a soft collar. I took that off hours later. I took one pain pill. I was eating trail mix that night.

I’m just as strong as I was beforehand. In fact, I’m even stronger on my right hand side. I haven’t been this strong on my right hand side since college, so it’s life-changing for sure.

I have an identical twin. He had a fusion a year before I had my Mobi-C, at the same level. Our recoveries were totally different. He was in a hard collar for four weeks, out of the gym for three months. He is so jealous that I had a Mobi-C and he didn’t – just completely different recovery, completely different post-op stories.

I wake up every morning and I thank God that I was able to sleep all night, and it’s because of the Mobi-C.

My name’s Rashad Hodge. I’m from Tyrone, Georgia, and this is my Mobi-C.